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Supporting the ADAWA and protecting the dental profession

MDA National is a premium medical defence organisation that supports, protects and promotes more than 50,000 medical and dental practitioners and students, including ADAWA members.
MDA National Insurance underwrites the Dental Indemnity Policies that the ADAWA provides access to for their members. MDA National also offers a competitive Practice Indemnity Policy to help protect medical and dental practice entities and their employees.

Extensive professional indemnity cover for you

The MDA National Dental Indemnity Policy* will insure you for up to $40,000,000 in total and $20,000,000 for any one claim for:

  • Claims of professional negligence in connection with your provision of dental services and Good Samaritan acts.
  • Reporting an incident or a healthcare professional to a hospital, area health authority or professional body, or participating in an investigation of such an incident.
  • Claims of professional negligence against a practice entity controlled by you when the claim is in connection with the provision of dental services by you.
  • Up to $500,000 cover for legal costs arising from:
    • Investigations by Professional Registration bodies such as AHPRA or the Dental Board or Professional Services Review (PSR) Committee.
    • Inquiries by professional bodies such as a health services authority, State Administrative Tribunals, Royal Commission, Coroners Court, the Australian Information Commissioner, Anti’€“Discrimination Board or private health insurance funds.
    • Costs relating to orders of a professional or administrative body that you are ordered to pay as a result of an investigation or inquiry.
    • You seeking an Apprehended Violence Order where there is a threat to you or your immediate family related to the dental services provided by you.
    • The successful defense of a claim, investigation or inquiry arising out of alleged sexual misconduct or criminal conduct by you against a patient arising out of your provision of dental services.
Protection for your practice entity and staff

MDA National Insurance’s Practice Indemnity Policy* covers dental practices, the Principal of the Practice and practice employees for:

  • Civil liability cover arising from the provision of healthcare services, including but not limited to:
    • Defense costs arising out of a claim covered under the Policy.
    • Involvement in a clinical trial or research project.
    • Breach of privacy complaints.
    • Notifiable conduct protection (whistleblower protection).
    • Loss of documents.
  • Defense costs** arising out of:
    • Intellectual property disputes.
    • Defamation claims (excess applies).
    • Investigations by a professional registration board and other bodies.
    • Competition, consumer and fair trading claims.
    • Employment disputes.
  • Choice of Limits of Indemnity.

Call the ADAWA on 08 9211 5600 to join or discuss your professional indemnity needs.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy and underwriting approval.
** Various sub limits apply

The MDA National Group is made up of MDA National Limited ABN 67 055 801 771 and MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 56 058 271 417 AFS Licence No. 238073. Insurance products are underwritten by MDA National Insurance. Before making a decision to buy or hold any products issued by MDA National Insurance, please consider your personal circumstances and read the relevant Important Information and Policy Wording available at

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