Can you help?

Can you help?

We all want to do our bit during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As clinicians, we’re in an excellent position to do so – either by donating PPE to the medical profession, by offering our professional services to the Health Department of WA, or even considering offering our practices as potential COVIT-19 testing clinics.

ADAWA is here to help if you’d like to participate in any of these actions.

If you wish to donate masks or PPE, please contact the ADAWA office on 08 9211 5600 or It’s great if you can drop off at ADA House, but please contact the office beforehand. Alternatively, ADAWA can arrange for the PPE to be collected from your dental practice or residence.

If you’d like to assist in providing services, please click here, where you’ll be asked a series of short questions to assess your suitability. From there, ADAWA will present a suitable list of capable workers to the Health Department of WA. You may be asked to provide a range of services from telehealth advice, triaging services, or assist on the medical frontline.

One final request: if you have already delivered PPE to a health facility – or are planning to do so – can you please let us know, so that we are able to pass this information on to the WA Health Department and the Minister for Health. That way, they will have a better understanding of who is in more urgent need of equipment and the generosity of the WA dental profession.