Accessing emergency masks

Posted on 10th March 2020

An update from our Federal Branch:

On Sunday, ADA President, Dr Carmelo Bonanno announced that a portion of the government’s emergency mask stock has been earmarked for dental practices as a result of the ADA’s advocacy efforts.

While this is a fantastic result, we are not out of the woods just yet. The emergency stock is designed to assist practices who are at risk of closure because they do not have sufficient masks to treat patients and that have taken appropriate measures to minimise mask use.

We will need to be diligent in our mask conservation efforts and work together to ensure practices remain open and we’re able to function at a tolerable level until the situation normalises.

The ADA continues to search for additional sources of masks and work with government on activating domestic supply to bolster stocks available to Australian dental practices.

Accessing Emergency Stock
With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 increasing every day the government will understandably allocate the majority of masks to frontline hospital staff and GPs who are at the highest risk of contracting the virus.

We’re working with the Health Minister to try to ensure that dental practices at critically low levels of masks (within 1-5 days of complete shut down due to lack of mask supplies) are provided with a small emergency supply to prevent widespread practice closures, something that was a very real concern just days ago.

Our conversations currently include:

  • How many masks will be available to dental practices
  • The costs of masks
  • The distribution mechanism
  • Eligibility criteria for emergency stock

As soon as the details have been finalised, we will contact you with information on how to access masks should you need them.

5 things you can do now 

1. Read the information on ‘Managing Mask Stock’ and implement these strategies within your practice.

2. Purchase N95/P2 masks which are appropriate for use provided you undertake a fit check and do not have facial hair.

3. Continue to place orders with suppliers listed on the Mask Availability page. Please be patient and understanding with suppliers who are genuinely trying to fill your order with very limited stock and many requests for masks.

4. Get answers to any other questions about alternative masks by reading ‘which mask and when’ and any other questions by reading through the FAQs page.

5. If you will completely run out of masks within the next 1-5 working days (and have already taken all reasonable conservation measures) and do not receive any additional supplies, contact the ADA via or 02 8815 3333 so we can support you.