ADA launches petition to end PHI rebates

Posted on 10th October 2019

The ADA has launched a petition, available through dental practices across the country, which aims to use “people power” to make the government act on the pressing issue of discriminatory private health insurance rebates.

The petition will call upon Parliament to amend the health insurance legislation and end discriminatory rebates based on the contractual relationships between health practitioners and health insurers. To be effective, the ADA needs to demonstrate that ordinary Australians, right around the country, are being financially disadvantaged by choosing their own dentist over a dentist with which their health fund has a contractual relationship.

All practices have to do is print the official petition and ask every patient who walks through the door, every family member and friend and even practice staff, to sign it. They then bundle up their signed sheets and send them to the ADA who will collate and submit them officially to the Senate.

The petition is an opportunity for dentists and other dental professionals and practice staff to play an integral role in advocating for the rights of their patients and the dental profession as a whole and to start a real conversation with patients about the poor behaviours of health funds.

If you have any additional questions about the petition, please email the ADA via​