ADAWA helping to end unhealthy food advertising 

Posted on 22nd September 2020

On September 7, 2020, all Western Australian MPs were sent a statement signed by WA’s leading non-Government health agencies and associations, including ADAWA. The statement calls for an immediate ban on the advertising of unhealthy foods and drinks on State-owned assets, with no exceptions.

There is substantial evidence that unhealthy food advertising influences children’s food preferences and consumption and is likely to contribute to overweight, obesity and, of course, dental disease.

Cancer Council WA CEO Ashley Reid said outdoor advertising was a particular concern as it is the only medium that cannot be turned off, and directly undermines the Government’s preventative health priorities.

“No jurisdiction around the world has implemented a comprehensive ban on advertising for unhealthy food and beverages in public spaces or on publicly owned assets – WA has the chance to be a world leader,” Mr Reid said.

ADAWA is proud to be a signatory to the Joint Statement.