ADAWA: your advocate in dentistry

Posted on 9th June 2021

It’s something that often goes on quietly behind the scenes – but advocacy through written submissions, face-to-face meetings and phone calls has grown significantly in recent years for the benefit of all ADAWA members.

ADAWA’s advocacy and representation is greatly enhanced and effectual because of our high membership numbers and your active support.

In the past year, ADAWA’s advocacy has included:

  • Joining forces with other leading health organisations in taking the lead in calling on the State Government to end junk food and alcohol advertising on Government assets and property.
  • Rejecting  professional indemnity category changes  that would have moved any member placing implants into the top surgical category.  This meant a considerable cost reduction for those members placing a limited volume of surgical procedures.
  • Going into the recent State elections,  CEO Dr David Hallett met with all three major political parties to champion the ADAWA agenda.
  • Forging much-improved relations with AMA WA to the betterment of health practitioners and the public.
  • A continued presence on the WA State Oral Health Advisory Council
  • Holding numerous meetings with HBF in the wake of the opening of their first fund-owned and self-branded dental practices earlier this year, including most recently with HBF’s new General Manager of Health, regarding appropriate conduct in the dental profession.
  • Formally opposing the dental restrictions placed on WA dental practices in the Perth and Peel regions during the COVID lockdown in April. The ADAWA Executive is in no doubt that the April/May COVID dental practice shutdown would have been extended by an additional week if ADAWA had not pushed so hard and had the backing of so many ADAWA members across WA.

ADAWA will always advocate for the best interests of the dental profession – but it is clear we can only be stronger together.