Artistic hands and heart: Dr Michelle Crerie

Posted on 8th December 2020

Michelle crerie with her artwork

Despite loving art from a young age, Dr Michelle Crerie sacrificed formal art education and practice for academia, to be successful in a career in dentistry. However, three years ago, she returned to her roots and set up an art business and has been slowly expanding her practice since. 

Michelle says having an artistic outlet helps her to focus and unwind after a stressful day of dentistry – and has allowed her to achieve a much healthier work-life balance. 

I started painting just for the pure joy of creating and began exploring new techniques and mediums before I found a style that worked for me,” she says. I have found immense joy in expanding my practice to sell artwork through markets, art fairs, online platforms, professional gallery exhibitions and other fundraising events. I love the challenge that comes with creating custom work and seeing my art in its new home. 

Being an artist has been a great way to break down barriers with patients and allowed them to see me as a more approachable and less of a scary dentist,” she says, adding that self-expression through art has also enhanced her confidence and communication skills at work. 

Michelle believes dentistry is an innately creative career and so naturally attracts those who have a bit of an imaginative side. Artistic skills such as the shaping of restorations, visualising cosmetic outcomes, recognising colour and symmetry, attention to detail, are utilised by dentists in our daily practice,” she explains. 

This article first appeared in the December 2020/January 2021 edition of the Western Articulator magazine. Read the full story here.