Comparing notes at Career Café

Posted on 14th November 2019

Seventeen UWA Dental School graduates visited the Health Campus last week to chat with fourth-year students about building their lives and careers, at the fourth annual DMD4 Career Café. The students, who are about to complete their degrees, gained critical tips on life after graduation as young dental professionals.

One of the graduates who attended, Dr Bernadette Pilkington, spoke of the importance of these events and how she is proud to be able to volunteer for the Dental School to offer this kind of learning for its students. “Clinically, as graduate dentists, they can provide a high standard of care to patients, but it was great to discuss non-clinical areas with them, for example, career pathways and work life balance. The technical aspects of contracting were discussed at length, along with how you negotiate with an employer and what to put in your CV that will gain the employer’s attention. Communication is the key in every interaction.”

“It was a very relaxed evening chatting to industry professionals,” DMD4 student Alan Ratcliffe said. “Important things I learnt are what to look for in an employment contract and red flags to avoid when looking for potential employers.”

Alan also told us that he is getting married 10 days after graduation and is looking forward to beginning work as an army dentist. He’s also looking forward to getting back into competitive bodybuilding – something he hasn’t done since the 2nd year of the DMD program.