Dental health in pregnancy, babies and children

Posted on 18th August 2019

Dr Lena Lejmanoski and her team of dental students and paediatric dentists returned to the Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo at Claremont Showgrounds for three days over Dental Health Week.

The expo is a prime spot to promote positive oral-health messages to parents and parents-to-be, as well as children of all ages. Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Lena and her hard-working volunteers provided free dental check-ups, loads of oral-health education and complimentary dental goodies. It was, as always, a huge success.

“Participating at the expo was an excellent opportunity to promote and share the message of prevention and healthy teeth for life,” Lena says.

“We frequently got asked, ‘What are you selling?’  Our reply: ‘We’re not selling anything!’ We were there to raise awareness of good oral health care; that looking after ‘baby teeth’ is just as important as looking after permanent teeth – the establishment of good oral hygiene habits early.”

Dental students, dentists, therapists and paediatric dentists gave up their time to volunteer at the expo. Dental screenings of children were conducted, and sought-after information given to the public.

“Our colourful and interactive stand, balloons and big, easy-to-climb dental chair was a hit with the children. It was gratifying to see the genuine interest and concern from parents with so many questions, wanting to do the best for their child,” Lena says.

“We saw early eruption, delayed eruption, the marked effects of thumb-sucking and dummies, congenitally missing deciduous teeth, and still – rampant caries. There were many questions on lip and tongue tie.

“Feedback from the volunteers showed it to be a busy, enjoyable and rewarding event for all involved.”