Make the difference this Christmas

Posted on 7th December 2020

Dr Zara Torre

ADAWA member dentist Dr Zara Torre is the founder of The Difference, an app that rounds up your transactions to the nearest dollar – allowing this small change to go to charity. 

“Since COVID-19, we’ve increasingly seen the decline of cash, the rise of contactless payments, as well as the struggle that many reputable charities have to stay sustainable,” Zara explains. “Yet surprisingly, most of us have an innate desire to give.” 

Zara partnered with UWA to investigate the spending habits of Millennials and Gen Z. She says there are four main barriers to giving: 

  • Inconvenience (it’s too hard) 
  • Financial expense (it’s quite expensive) 
  • Compassion fatigue (people get overwhelmed by seeing images of depravity and what’s going on in the world) 
  • Mistrust of charities (how much of the dollar goes to the project) 

In Australia, we make 11.3 card transactions a day – over seven billion a year. So, all our “digital spare change” has the power to channel significant impact to worthy causes.   

“We envision an Australia inspired to give in the everyday moments,” Zara says. “So, we thought we could do something about it, and we created Australia’s first mobile app to ‘round up’ every consumer transaction to the nearest dollar and give the difference to charity.” 

Simply link your bank card to The Difference fund app, and every time you pay a bill, or purchase a coffee, or buy a pair of jeans, you will be making a difference to a carefully vetted cause on the platform. You will also get insight into where your funds are going. 

“The donation transparency was really important for us to show that charities are being responsible with their funding,” Zara explains.  

“I believe that everyone has the ability to address local and global challenges that we face as a society,” she adds. “Everybody wants to make a difference, and technology should have the power to connect us and improve the world around us.” 

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