Meet  prosthodontist Dr  Ben Lee   

Posted on 17th September 2020

Ahead of his upcoming virtual CPD course, Brooke Evans-Butler spoke to prosthodontist Dr Ben Lee 

After graduating from the University of Otago in New Zealand, Ben  moved  to Sydney to work as a general dentist. “It was  during this period of time I  fell  in love with  prosthodontics, especially aesthetic dentistry,  which  is why I pursued a  Masters in  Prosthodontics  at the University of Sydney,” Ben recalls. “After I  graduated,  I was very fortunate to find  jobs with prominent clinicians in Sydney who become my mentors, and under their guidance I started practising as a prosthodontist. 

Ben will present his Prosthodontic Problems? Plan to Prevent Them!  CPD course via Zoom on October 14. 

In his course, Ben aims  to share the common problems he sees in his own clinical work and in referrals. 

I thought  it would  be a great topic to discuss and focus on  the common problems seen in everyday dentistry  and  then  use that as  an entry point to discuss what could have been done  better or differently  to prevent these problems from happening,” he explains. “What people can expect from the course is a good understanding of all the common problems in prosthodontics,  the real causes behind these problems  and what we can do to prevent them from happening. 

The course will cover  patient assessment,  tooth assessment, aesthetic assessment, occlusal  assessment, parafunction management, bridge design and material selection – all with a learning outcome of improving risk factor analysis. 

Ben says  dentists  want a predictable outcome when they treat a patient, because any rectification of a case takes time and comes with patient dissatisfaction.  “Some patients are already anxious and scared enough of coming so I think a lot of dentists want a high level of predictability. The  aim of  the course is to learn from past mistakes and to improve predictability  when  carrying out those procedures,” he says. 

Learning is clearly a passion for Ben,  who juggles being  an honorary clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney, in addition to his CPD lecturing schedule,  with his work at his referral-based specialist centre. 

According to Ben, what he enjoys most about lecturing is the process of sharing.  “At the end of the day,  we are all products of our mentorship along the  way,”  he explains . “We have all been significantly shaped by people we aspire to, whether a clinical mentor or in our lives. I certainly have  greatly benefited from my mentors and people who inspire me,  so I want to share with others what I have learnt along the way and hopefully they can reduce or avoid some of the mistakes I made so it will improve the lives of their patients in a more predictable manner.” 

Dr Ben Lee will present: Prosthodontic Problems? Plan to Prevent Them! on  October 14 via Zoom.