Meet Dr Clarence Tam

Posted on 5th February 2020

She’s passionate, perhaps a little bit quirky, and will wow with her insights. Ahead of her CPD events this month, we caught up with Dr Clarence Tam

Dr Clarence Tam is the Chairperson and Director of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is currently one of two dentists in Australasia to hold Board-Certified Accredited Member Status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in Australasia.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Dr Tam says she moved to New Zealand to see if she could be fully independent. “As a dentist, often you get sucked into permanent positions in a city, and if that happens to be your hometown, there is a good chance you may never leave,” she reflects.

She has a passion for anterior restorations, which she says goes back to her motto, which reflects the love in ‘Transforming Lives, One Smile at a Time’. “Whether it is enhancing the smile of a socialite to give them ultimate confidence when smiling, or that personality edge, to the 10-year-old boy who gets teased at school because he has mottled teeth – the ability to change how people are treated as a result of a perceived disfigurement is really powerful,” she says.

Dr Tam has lectured internationally, and her dedication to sharing knowledge has taken her to Canada, the US, Australia and Germany. Although lecturing is a time-consuming part of her work, Dr Tam says she believes that sharing is caring.

“The ability to do dentistry that is unique and precise lends credence to predictability,” she says.  “If we are able to get results that time and time again look natural and seamless with minimal post-operative problems, this will add to the ‘joy’ of work rather than the ‘stress’ that dentists are known for.

“Apparently the dental profession is tops in the field for suicide. Anything that decreases stress is great. I would rather induce passion than stress, so that is why I think what I do is important.”

Dr Clarence Tam will be presenting To Prep or Not to Prep on Saturday February 22, from 8.15am to 5pm. Limited spots are available. Click here to book.