Meet Dr Graham Carmichael

Posted on 28th June 2021

Prosthodontist Graham Carmichael is well-known not only as a practitioner, but also in lecture and CPD circles.

A UWA graduate, Graham did his prosthodontist speciality program through the University of Sydney, completing his speciality studies in 2013. 

“I wanted to specialise to further my training to be able to treat to a higher standard and with the best knowledge, understanding all aspects of treatment,” Graham recalls. “I really enjoy what I do; prosthodontics is quite all encompassing – getting to treat patients to rejuvenate their smile or to give them the smile that they have never had is something that I really enjoy. Specialist practice allows the ability to really deliver those results.” 

Graham is a seasoned lecturer and a regular presenter of WA Dental CPD courses, with lectures including Advanced Single Implants and Introduction to Short-Span Bridges, Restore My First Implant, and The Art of Digital Photography and its Clinical Applications, in October. 

This course will cover: 

  • Basic principles of single lens reflect (SLR) photography 
  • Optimal use of intra-oral mirrors and retractors 
  • Shade analysis through photographs for ceramic and composite layering 
  • Lighting techniques for intra oral photography 
  • Workflow management including cataloguing. 
  • Small diagnosis and rehabilitation design 
  • How to use your own photography equipment and what to look for when purchasing 

It’s a really fun program and a bit different to the didactic training of the hands-on, day-to-day of what we do,” Graham says. “The program teaches dentists of all ages and experience levels how to use their camera to maximise their ability to take good photography 

“We also teach the application of those photos for treatment planning, record keeping and better results and communication with the laboratory. That all starts with the photography.” 

Graham enjoys helping others to develop their skills through lecturing.

“Every lecture is tailored to the audience and their skill set and their knowledge. Mentally it keeps me quite refreshed and adds variety from just being chairside. There is always something interesting going on. And then having to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques as well to ensure I am delivering a quality treatment. 

“I also always document all of my cases very thoroughly so then I can use those in programs that might be coming up; I’m continuously modifying and changing lecture material which is important so there are always new and fresh cases with the latest materials and techniques,” he adds. 

I have run mentor programs for a long time and that was really exciting because you get to see the before, the during and the after, to help guide people along to do things better. Dentistry is very intense and very challenging, but it is very rewarding. By doing things well yourself and then teaching, you get that enjoyment multifaceted.”  

As well as his lecturing commitments, Graham is a Director of the Brånemark Center, and a consultant prosthodontist at Perth Children’s Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital. He says good time management is necessary to juggle all these roles, along with having an understanding family, because a lot of work happens in the evenings, on weekends and around family commitments. 

Luckily, Graham enjoys everything about his work. “I don’t think you can do dentistry – and certainly prosthodontics – if you don’t enjoy what you do,” he says. “Being able to deliver a beautiful smile is never dull and never boring. A lot of the time the work is discrete, so the patient knows what they have had done, we know what they have had done, but not everyone else in the world knows – and that is always fun and challenging. Every day is always different, exciting and interesting.”

The Art of Digital Photography and its Clinical Applications takes place on Friday, October 22.