The New Practitioners Program in 2021 

Posted on 25th January 2021

When the New Practitioners Program was launched in 2020, it was with a simple idea in mind – to assist new and recent graduates to transition from a big cohort in a predicted environment to part of a network of peers. 

Comprising five study clubs, held throughout the year – culminating in November’s Young Dentist Conference – the events allow new practitioners to hear from some of the best in the industry and have the chance to ask questions in a safe, supportive setting.  

Once again, the program is going to be run by last year’s committee, including Drs Sean Archibald, Amanda Phoon Nguyen, Greg Crane and Bec Penco – and they are keen to make the program even better in 2021. 

“When you leave Dental School, you might not be working with your peers and don’t know who to talk to,” Amanda explains. “Many new dentists know they want a mentor but sometimes there is a barrier such as hesitation and embarrassment about talking about cases.  

“The truth is, we have all been there, so the point of the program is for new dentists to get to know each other, get to know some of the senior dentists in the profession, the ADAWA and specialists. 

“It is to build their network and talk about topics that we think are relevant,” she says, adding that the program is restricted to practitioners who graduated within the last five years. 

“It is a restricted group to dentists who have been practicing for up to five years because we wanted to create a safe space that offers support for newer dentists to talk about anything they want to.” 

What’s coming up

The 2021 study clubs have been confirmed, with a number of great speakers on the list. Each study club will be held on a Friday night, as per the feedback from attendees.  

“We always ask for feedback after each session so the new practitioners can tell us what they want,” Amanda says.

We get amazing speakers and cover interesting topics, but we hang out as well on the Friday night – we have some beers, we have some pizza, and we chat about anything. There is a very strong collegiate atmosphere, which is very much what we wanted.

The 2021 course schedule is as follows:

February 5, Michael Khoury (Endodontist), From A to Z: Endodontic Clinical Hints and Tips

May 14, Sean Archibald, 5 Different Versions of the New Patient Experience

July 9, Armand Putra (Prosthodontist), Clinical Photography and Laboratory Communication

September 10, Nandika  Manchanda and Lisa  Bowdin (Paediatric Dentists), What Kids Want: Tips for General Practice 

November 13, Young Dentist Conference (speakers to be announced)

 You can book for each study club individually for $25, or book for all four for $80. The full-day conference on November 13 is free.